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We are a dedicated manufacturer's representative of plumbing supplies and related products.  We represent leading manufacturers that acquired solid reputations.  In addition, our expertise combined with our partners knowledge allows us to offer you products made with the highest quality standards.

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PREMIUM Sales Inc.

Our distribution network covers the entire Québec and the Eastern Ontario regions.  The ongoing training program provided to our distributors on our products is providing them the most recent data allowing them to professionally serve diverse markets and customers.

Elastomeric couplings

Advise you thoroughly with the selection of the appropriate products for your applications.  We will use our experience and that of our manufacturing partners to assist you in search of technical solutions.  In addition, we seek to ensure unparalleled after-sales support, in order to adequately meet your needs.

Establishing a business relationship based on integrity between PREMIUM  Sales and our customers is essential and remains our main goal.